coming home


We’re back from our trip back east and it’s got me thinking a lot about home and what that means. We spent a lot of time in our childhood homes on this trip. We also spent time back in our old neighborhood in Brooklyn- our home for 6 years. Coming home to our house in Austin, though, I felt for the first time since we’d moved here 18 months ago that this was really home right now. And at the same time, in planning for this trip, I would tell people, “I’m going back home,” and that still feels true.

IMG_6310.JPGOne oppressively muggy night in New Haven, I took a walk through my childhood neighborhood with an old friend and it did feel like home. I was comforted by how easy it was to navigate the streets and talk with someone who has known me in various stages of my life.

IMG_6712In Brooklyn, we discovered unused Metrocards in our wallets and joined our friend on her morning commute on the F train- sweaty and cramped and deliciously familiar.

IMG_6914.JPGBack in Austin where it is too hot and the grass is scorched, I found myself exhaling a deep sigh of relief at the airport. Relief to be home from a long trip, but also relief that we have yet again created a home that feels like home. It seems this trip was about discovering that home can be in many places at once and that creating a new home just takes little bit of patience.