7 small things on a wednesday

This post brought to you by Luke’s pink eye* (and his long afternoon nap). 


I joined a writing group. Actually, I made a new friend (via Luke, like most of my new friends these days) and then I forced her to start a writing group and invite me to it. She is a a real writer and I am a writer with a very empty notebook and a very neglected blog. But I am so grateful and excited to have another reason to write. I’m also very scared.


Rain is so deeply nostalgic. When we were little my mom bought us all full-on rain suits, like the ones fishermen wear in Maine with overalls and a matching jacket and boots and a hat. Mine was bright yellow and I loved it so much even if I only wore it maybe two times. I can remember one spring day putting it on and going to race paper boats down the stream that had gathered at the curb. It rained all day Saturday and I took Luke out to play in our street. He had so much fun sending leaves down to the drain.


This is my favorite picture of Luke these days. He can be so contemplative and gentle, and then so wild and silly. (And also really challenging, don’t worry). These Iris popped up this week and it felt like the former homeowners had sent us a gift.


Every night before bed Luke, Mike and I hug all together. Luke calls it a “chother hug” (as in “each other”). When he’s had enough he goes, “Okay, okay, okay” in his best grown-up voice. It’s by far the best part of the day. Here he is having a chother hug with Sebastian and Mike at the park.


This image makes me burst. Luke has always liked water, but his love for swim class is so sweet (and a testament to some amazing teachers). And now, we can sit on the sidelines and sip our coffees while he goes in. This feels like a glimpse into some fantasy future where activities for Luke involve driving and hanging out on the sidelines. I know we will be there all too soon and I should enjoy how much he needs me, but also… drinking coffee on the sidelines is awesome.


This is what it looks like to rest in bed with Luke. You might get a foot to the eye but it sure is cute. And also not restful at all.


We have the sweetest next door neighbor. Unfortunately for her, Luke does not understand the rules of hide and seek so when he saw her crouching by our fence he screamed her name like ten times and kept saying “Hi! Hi!” Blew up her spot instantly. This also inspired Luke to start playing hide and seek. He is absolutely by far and away the worst player of hide and seek on the planet. He says, “I’ll go hide!” then I close my eyes, count, open them, and… there is Luke standing right in front of me! Even when I have brought him to a hiding spot, left and counted, he shows up right in front of me. If you want to beat someone at a game, come play hide and seek with Luke. You will feel really good about yourself.


*So, there’s not actually a way to put eyedrops in a toddler’s eyes without some sort of crazy feats of both athleticism and bribery, right? Just wanting to make sure I’m not missing something here.