7 small things on a wednesday

We painted the insides of the doors the same color as the exterior and I am very tempted to paint the bedroom doors the same color. Too much?
I’m reading this book at a snail’s pace but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it. As Mike says, it just means I don’t actually know how to read. What’s most amazing is that when he says this, I actually get defensive. Easy target here, folks.
The answer to the joke is: it takes three adults, one toddler, one dog and a very short screwdriver provided by my cousin to screw in a ceiling fan. Also- hours. Several hours.
Ta-daaaaa! Next up: house numbers! 5, 8, 0, and 2, to be exact.
I asked for help picking out plants for our garden and my cousin came through in a huge way. (Again. He’s helped us with almost all of our home projects!) Now, listen to me right now because this is important: I am going to really, really, really, really, really try to keep them alive. I swear, it’s harder than it looks!
My student’s parents own this chocolate company and create the most incredible chocolate art. Which they then share oh so generously with her teachers. I usually don’t hesitate before devouring a box of chocolate, however, these are so pretty eating them is actually a psychologically complex experience full of angst. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would fail the marshmallow test every single time and these babies will soon be a thing of the past, but still, they do make me pause.
And finally, my favorite Luke picture of all time, taken this Tuesday morning after a rough night of not enough sleep for him or his mama. A loud thunderstorm woke him up and when I went into his room he was so excited and said, “Mama! Did you hear that? It was a REALLY big truck!” He was really upset when I told him it was actually thunder. If I had been even half awake I would have known better… similar to the rules of improv, you always, always go along with your child’s fantasy at three in the morning. Rookie move.