7 small things on a wednesday

maybe this post should be called: “7 small things to counter deep depression brought on by announcement of new Secretary of Education.” I can’t even write her name. Sick. Sick. Sick. 


Mike went away for a long, long, longest weekend ever which meant Luke and I were left to our own devices. Here he is in a self-selected post-Superbowl getup that features cement mixer leg warmers with his bulldozer socks pulled up high and a NY Giants shirt.
Here he is later that same day giving me “privacy” in the bathroom. See it? It’s the two inches of space between his body and mine.
This is our kitchen when Mike is home.
And this is what it looks like when Mike is away.
Luke’s naps were unimpressively short this weekend which left some of us feeling impressively exhausted. This is the look Digby gave me when we heard over the monitor, “I’m ready to get up now!” in a voice that sounded not only like a child who had just woken up, but a child who had just consumed a Red Bull and was ready to run a marathon in his sleep sack. (Yes, sleep sack still going strong over here!)
We painted our house! I’m so glad our painter suggested we paint the chimney to match the exterior. So much better!
I love pulling up to our house now. It really feels like it’s ours. Next up: new windows and some yard work.