Happy first birthday, Brownstone to Bungalow


IMG_3913.jpg   One year ago, thanks to a concoction of ambivalence, enthusiasm, nostalgia and anxiety (some people simply call this state of being “Sunday evening”) about our upcoming move from Brooklyn to Austin, I decided to start a blog. The goal was to document our journey, to keep in touch with the community we were leaving behind and to force me to write with some regularity. It was my 2016 New Year’s resolution to write here once a week. Once a week became ambitious when I started teaching again in August (let’s face it, basically anything became ambitious when I started teaching again), but I’m not letting myself off the hook, yet.

The first couple of entries were terrifying. I made Mike read them over and over and I scoured them myself with seething self-doubt and embarrassment at my own words. But I kept doing it because I’d made a promise to myself and also, and this is important, because you people are so kind! Reading encouraging words from close friends to long-lost elementary school pals to distant acquaintances continues to be the greatest surprise of this little project.

So, I’m writing today to say thank you, thank you, thank you to anyone who has even read a single line of this blog. I’m also writing to say if you’re thinking that starting a blog sounds fun but you’re sort of embarrassed or feel ambivalent about putting more content out into an over-saturated content-filled web or are worried it might damage your relationship because you will ask your partner to re-read your writing a thousand times even though like maybe 6 people max will read it, DO IT! It’s the best and I want to be your first reader!

And maybe one of these days I’ll get around to making this B-stone to bungy baby look a little prettier. But don’t hold your breath. Ugh but I really do need to change this font, don’t I? Can this be my 2017 resolution?




Bri (and my complicit muses, sleepily featured in the above photo)