7 small things on a Wednesday

Uhoh, readers. You still out there? It’s been a minute. But now it’s time to dust ourselves off and get back to it. Time to get back to commitments we’ve made to ourselves (like posting to a little weekly blog that has become far from weekly…) and commitments we’ve made to our children and communities. I’m not going to make a whole bunch of noise right here (I’m making it in other places and I hope you are, too), but I will say if reading about puppies and toddlers and sunshine is not what you’re angling for right now, I hear you. But if you’re curious about what we’ve been up to- well, great! I’ve got a zippy way to catch you up. Here we go.


Thanksgiving in Texas started like this and ended with a night swim in John and Alina’s pool. (And seeing him working in the garden shirtless reminded me so much of my dad).
The  kids table complete with Pirate’s Booty hors d’oeuvres (after which no other food was consumed)
My mom whipped up this little number. That’s home-made candied bacon on top of whipped cream on top of twice baked parmesan squash. You know you’ve made something special when it makes the Brie cheese (queen of all cheese, we bow down to you) in the background look like it arrived to a black tie event in yoga pants. Don’t even get me started on those sad little crackers.
Playing baby with a real baby is so much better than a baby doll! Unless that baby is not sleeping and you are its parents. Good thing you are so. stinking. cute. Leo.
Sharing secrets (and peace and love and daisies)
Luke knows that the best move on the soccer field is always to run straight at Uncle John, regardless of the location of the ball. Kid plays some serious defense.
These two making christmas cookies together on a rainy Sunday morning with a fire in the fireplace. Christmas wish complete.