7 small things on a wednesday

It’s finally feeling like fall around here… nope, just kidding. Today it was 90 degrees. But this wreath from Trader Joe’s (for a real bargain!) is helping me pretend. I think homesickness may be at an all-time high right now. The things I would do to smell rotting fall leaves… 
A few weekends ago Mike went to LA for the weekend for our friends’ engagement party and generally speaking Luke and I did great! Except for this time where I gave him an entire over-sized bucket of animal crackers to hold on the way home from the grocery store and he did the only thing you should do with an over-sized bucket of animal crackers: dump them all (every. single. one.) out on your lap and scream at the highest pitch I’ve ever heard for the remainder of the car ride. This is what teachers call a “natural consequence.” Natural consequences are wonderful teaching moments in the classroom but let me tell you this: natural consequences have no place in the car. And yes, I did send this photo to mike when he asked how we were doing. Sorry. Not sorry. 
So many important things to say about this text with my friend, Sid. First of all,  Yes. F*ck ACL is what you say when you have a toddler, just bought a house and can’t justify the expense or exhaustion of ACL tickets plus babysitter. But I’ve enjoyed all of your ACL photos and look forward to attending some day in retirement. Also, our friends Sid and Amy came to visit us this weekend and it was magical. I met Sid in kindergarten and we rekindled our friendship a few years ago when he reached out after years of not talking or knowing each other when my dad died (yup- all the friendship points right there). It’s really pretty precious to make a new friendship with someone who once was your middle school entertainment/ tormentor. Also, as you can see, I need to upgrade my iPhone. It’s a sore subject and we aren’t talking about it anymore. But yes, if you send me any of these newfangled emojis you kids are using these days they might show up looking like aliens on my phone and that just adds some mystique to my life.
We gave Sid and Amy the Austin in 24 hours tour: BBQ, tacos, something else, tacos, something else, breakfast tacos. Here we are killing time before eating tacos again. 
Whenever I go to Home Depot or Lowes to buy plants I miss my friend Abby in Brooklyn (my over-zealous plant buying companion). Luke is standing in for her and doing a great job. 
I was having a sleepy, uninspired morning one day when I got out of my car at our local coffee spot and saw this. Sure is! 
This is where I spend several hours on Friday mornings with a group of students. There is no agenda other than the one set by my students. I examined mushrooms with three students a few weeks ago and last week we cheered on the arborists trimming the big Live Oak tree as if they were champion athletes (which they very well may be, who am I to say?). Then we crossed the creek and played some more. Out here, there is almost no teacher management needed. It is the most blissful and simple pleasure to be with a group of children in nature. I’ve been lying awake lately wondering what is going to become of our planet by the time our children inherit it, and I think this is the only way I know how to face those fears. If you sit with a group of children playing in nature, you will catch a glimmer of hope that you can hold on to for a little while.