7 small things on a wednesday

This weekend Nana came to visit. We were so excited we had to make a countdown calendar. The drawing is pretty accurate except that Nana brought not one but two suitcases (one filled with presents, obviously). 
We have an important new tradition: post swim class donuts. Donuts are my favorite sweet treat (we had them as our wedding dessert) and I’m proud to be passing on the joy of fried dough covered in frosting. 
When I asked Luke about the baby in the grocery bag he said, “Oh, I’ve just got to do a quick errand.” Mmmm k. 
The first night Nana got here we all went out to dinner at Top Notch- an old Austin staple in our neighborhood (and where parts of Dazed and Confused were filmed). The only really important thing, though, is that the kids meals come in cardboard cars. 
We snuck in a swim at our friend’s rooftop pool on Saturday right before a crazy wind storm rolled in (probably should have predicted that looking at those clouds). Then we discovered that the exercise room in his building also functions as the best toddler play space in town. 
This is my child trying to take his nap on the floor of a bar. I’d like to post this on some parenting Facebook group so the masses can either judge away or bow down in awe. There’s something in this photo for everyone.
Come back soon, Nana!