7 small things on a wednesday

I had a special dinner date with this guy before our first ever parent volunteer meeting at Luke’s school. He wasn’t so keen on being dropped off back in his classroom while we went to the meeting, but then when it was time to go he cried for the first 5 minutes of our drive home saying, “I want to go back to the meeting!” Luke is going to be so disappointed one day when learns that a meeting isn’t exactly going to a classroom and playing with trucks. P.S.- I like the colors in this photo. 
This weekend Mike did a lot of work around the house. He hung up 9 blinds and 3 curtain rods and did a magical trick to get some sconces hung up in our bedroom. So I rewarded him with this masterpiece. It’s a super-sized PB&J with bananas and pretzels. 
Every now and again I’m reminded that we have the sweetest pup on the planet. Here he is sleeping on my leg. But also, tonight I came home and he had peed on our beach bag… so there’s that. 
A view of our backyard taken from our little loft. It’s a mini jungle back there. A jungle I have zero clue how to care for. 
Luke telling me, “One minute, Mama.” It’s his new favorite phrase. This is also how he “chose” to take his evening walk (after refusing the stroller, refusing to hold a hand and throwing a stick at a neighbor’s car). 
Not a great photo, but a rare moment when Luke was so exhausted from his long day at school that he chose to snuggle with me. 
A spontaneous color study by one of my students. I feel like we are inching toward finding our rhythm in kindergarten. And then someone makes a fart joke during story time and I am reminded what progress looks like in kindergarten.