7 small things on a wednesday

Holy smokes. I am so tired. I am so so tired. Similar to labor, I think there is a biological need to forget the first weeks of school as a kindergarten teacher. Which is why I am continually amazed by the bone-weary tiredness I feel by day 3. You know it’s bad when your new colleague, a veteran 1st grade teacher, says, “I didn’t know it was this hard!” Because, if you’ve ever met a 1st grader, it’s not exactly smooth sailing over there, either. But also, my students are the cutest, sweetest, most genuine little people and someday in the future they will have an ounce more self-control and I will sit down for longer than 1 minute at a time. Here’s a shout out to my teacher pals who are about to launch into the fire again. I’m not trying to like toot our own horns or anything but… okay yes, yes I am. Bad Asses. All of us.

 And here are 7 photos that are very important reminders to me that I do indeed have a life outside of the classroom. 

This guy is transitioning so well to school! Here he is after his first day. When I asked him to tell me something about school he said, “Mr. Dwayne needs a break.” I feel you, Mr. Dwayne. 
A very cozy nook in our newly completed loft where I can hide away to do my planning. Or, alternatively, have 45 minute phone calls with a pal, which is what was actually happening when this photo was taken. 
This is our couch. In a box! Having a couch again is a real game-changer at the end of the day. We were pretty much all set with sitting on the floor to watch The Olympics. 
This has been the month of, “What can you do with that packing material?” Here, Luke models a bonnet made of styrofoam. 
And some ill-fitting mittens. 
And here is our couch in action. 
Digby has a new lady friend who lives next door. Her name is Sparkle Taffy. Her owner is a 6 year-old girl, in case you couldn’t guess.