dusty days


The dust has settled, sweet readers. Literally, not figuratively. We moved into the new house this weekend and there is a distinct layer of sawdust on almost everything we own. Our kitchen project is not done and so we are sort of half living in a job site which is not as romantic as they make it look in my fantasies (anyone remember Aidan Shaw from Sex and The City? That’s what I thought it might be like to live a life covered in sawdust, ya know what I mean, ladies?). Yes, yes, I know all of our wise elders told us this would happen. We heard you. We got it. All of your sage wisdom is coming to fruition: it is taking longer and costing more than we’d planned for. It’s okay. It will be okay. But we are in it right now.

Last night Digby spent the night throwing up and today he got loose and wandered the neighborhood. Thankfully, a kind (and non-judgemental) neighbor returned him safely. I’ve started work and it is wonderful and meaningful and exhausting in a way I’d forgotten about. But I wasn’t there when Luke scraped both his knees at the splash pad and wore bandaids for the first time. And then today Mike and I came to the realization that the daycare we’d signed Luke up for- the daycare we have been so excited about and I’ve fantasized about and even talked to Luke about- is just way too far from our new house. So I am currently in a coffee shop (because no wifi at home, yet) scrambling to find a daycare option closer to home.

This is all to say, we are in transition. While the actual dust has settled, the figurative dust is swirling around in a tornado in that space between my heart and my throat.

And I have not for one second forgotten that these challenges are the best, I mean the best  challenges to have. I’m sitting in gratitude for the time and space and energy to face these challenges with Mike.

And speaking of that guy-there have been many moments over the last week where we have been pretty stressed and exhausted. But we’ve been kind and patient and forgiving and last night when I went to bed at an embarrassingly early hour (let’s just say some of your young children were still awake), he sat in the living room and read a book about parenting toddlers. And I will never forget that.

So if you’ve read this far, thank you. Please forgive the lack of 7 cute photos. Back to it soon. I can feel it coming.