7 small things on a wednesday

Today was my last day as a stay at home parent (for now). Tomorrow I head back to work and I am so deeply excited to put on grown-up pants and drink coffee while wearing a bra and not cutting up someone else’s breakfast… but I am so deeply nostalgic and already missing the unstructured and long days spent with Luke. I’ll miss the in-between moments and the randomness that happens when you are home with a toddler. But I’m excited to nourish my mind in a different way for a little while. Oh and also, we are moving on Saturday. It is a transitional time over here, for sure.

Luke reunited with his Uncle John aka Uncle Krunkle. He hasn’t historically been much of a cuddler but he clung to him and rested his head on his shoulder for a good ten minutes. Then we put John to work re-installing a light fixture in the dark with no air conditioning and I’m not sure all the cuddles in the world could repay him. 
Last weekend our friends Laura Jo and Jordan got married. We swam in a swimming hole, we danced until our feet hurt and then kept going, we watched sunsets and saw shooting stars. The weekend was full of love and magic and laughter and a teensy bit of booze. 
Luke has never been much of a hat guy, but this summer he got really into wearing his cousin Dylan’s Red Sox hat, which of course does not fly around this household. So, I bought him the correct hat for his birthday. He has shown no interest in it until today when he wore it for 10 minutes and I proudly snapped this photo to show Mike. Then, on cue, he immediately took the hat off. Go Yanks!
One last afternoon at the splash pad today. 
Once upon a time my dear friend, Sara, gave me this singing bowl. It was a time when I was struggling and stressed and not sleeping all that well. It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift. I recently showed it to Luke and it has become part of his wind-down routine when he is amped up. He sits down to ring it and is so pleased with himself and the sound. This isn’t a great photo but here he is trying to balance it on his belly and ring it while getting ready for bed. If you want to practice mindfulness, I suggest spending 5 minutes with a toddler. 
And on the trend of not good quality but oh so precious photos: here is one of Luke, Mike, my 97 year-old “Gamma” and her new dog, Aggie. What you can see is Luke and Gamma playing peek-a-boo. What you can’t see is me teary-eyed behind the camera. 
Remember our dated kitchen? It is looking like this right now. There used to be a wall there and now there isn’t. That to me is a miracle but to someone else it is math and science and muscle. Thank goodness for builders. And by some construction miracle (aka lots of hard work by lots of strong people) it will be finished by Saturday.