7 small things on a wednesday

thought you lost us, didn’t you? well, we’re back! i’m blaming a poor internet connection, a whirlwind tour-de-northeast and life. life. life. life. the world is a mess, Luke has turned 2, we’ve been living out of suitcases and we are coping with all of it by eating so many sweet treats.

This will go down as the summer that Luke discovered the popsicle. He’s averaging 1 per day for the month of July. 
Mike went back to Austin for 2 weeks while we stayed on the east coast. We celebrated his return with… popsicles.
Luke reunited with his first friend, Stella. She kept suggesting he share his popsicle with her, but he was all like Stella, we aren’t there yet.


Luke had a special field trip on his 2nd birthday with Mimi, Ollie and Nana. 
2! and wearing his daddy’s old romper! 
We will never be able to top this birthday present. Luke’s first time meeting a tractor for real was what I imagine my experience might be like meeting Channing Tatum for real (as opposed to in my brain, where we meet up from time to time to say what’s up, give each other high-5s and stuff like that). It’s so overwhelming it actually makes you a little mad. 
I am loving this stage of Luke’s development. He has the most amazing and intense tantrums and then minutes later comes in for a snuggle. As if to say, “Thanks mom, I needed that.”