7 small things on a wednesday

I sort of think this post should be called ‘7 really enormous things on a wednesday’… because it’s been a whirlwind of really sort of big deal life moments. Here are a few:

The first thing is that my best pal since I was 5, Phoebe, got married. We had the most memorable weekend celebrating her and her sweetie, Emil, in California. Isn’t she the most natural, timeless beauty you’ve ever seen?
Pre-wedding toast nervous giggles. We all survived.
And here’s the other not so small news: we bought our first ever very own house! Don’t worry, it’s another bungalow, so the name Brownstone to Bungalow is still accurate. Fewf. This photo is actually from a few weeks ago after we found out our offer was accepted and the inspection went well. I’ve been holding off sharing it because I’ve heard so many house buying horror stories of deals falling through. But our process was surprisingly smooth.
Here we are today after getting the keys.
And here I am 5 minutes later making my mark on the place. I think my dad would have loved to see me wielding a sledge hammer. Our kitchen and bathroom renovation starts tomorrow. I hope the contractors appreciate me getting them started on their work.
We had our pals over to eat pizza on the floor. Our first and last dinner in the kitchen as it stands today. Those are the original tile countertops and cabinets from when the house was built in 1949. It’s so fun to think about how many Jellos, tuna noodle casseroles and maybe a few gimlets were likely whipped up in that kitchen. It’s a fun time capsule but we are excited to bring the house up to date.
And finally, this: our neighborhood kiddie pool finally opened this week after some repairs were made. It is magical and going to make it hard to move out of the neighborhood. And speaking of swimming, we head to the Northeast for a month tomorrow and then we move into the new house in a month and I start my job. Swimming in all good things, but swimming nonetheless.