7 small things on a wednesday

When Luke wants me to make the swing go faster he says, “More weeeee.” 
We’ve been taking a post-dinner stroll, or as my dad loved to say a passeggiata. It’s the best way to end the day. 
My husband cooking us burgers and homemade pickles. Nothing to SeecCickFix about this scenario. 


Hanging out in my new classroom. Hard hats in kindergarten aren’t the worst idea… 
The moment when you realize the really fun game you’ve invented with your son will either end in an epic tantrum or throwing your back out. Pick your poison. 
Once upon a time I had pet spiders in my classroom and we fed them fruit flies and it wasn’t scary and it was even a little bit fascinating. The above, however, is a spider eating another spider right outside our kitchen window. It is scary and it’s not even that fascinating. Move along, Charlotte. 
This photo, taken by Mike, might be my favorite Luke photo.