7 small things on a wednesday

The sun came out at all the important moments over the holiday weekend. We had so much fun discovering Deep Eddy Pool for the first time- a spring fed pool that has the most toddler-friendly sloped entrance. 
A few other people had the same idea, too. And Luke (lower right) discovered the pool noodle as a device to poke people, which is definitely one of its many wonderful functions (others include but are not limited to: teething toy/ snack, foam roller and a well-placed booby trap to trip any unsuspecting passersby on their way to or from the pool). 
Have you ever been to Best Buy with a toddler? If not, take one good look at this photo and think about all the many other things you’d prefer to do instead (I’m not saying it’s worse than airline travel, but maybe a close second?).
The magic of Luke’s age is that in the same day he can do this and look like he is 16… 
And also this… thank goodness for this. 
Here we are rolling through the Starbucks drive-thru after a tough night of sleep. Luke has a cold and I “slept” on his floor. Also, I decided to buy myself a caramel macchiato which at one point in my youth was my go-to Starbucks beverage. Uhhh. Woah. That thing is bonkers.
And finally, here is Luke doing his best to convince me to bake cupcakes. It did not work but he looked so cute trying. Try that trick on your Mimi, kid. She’s a real sucker. 🙂