7 small things on a wednesday

Last week we discovered the magic (and also that absolute necessity) of the splash pad. If you need me over the next couple of months, I’ll be posted up in front of that fire hydrant. Also, not pictured: the little boy wearing  cowboy boots (with a Texas flag print, obviously) in the middle of the fountain. Cowboy boots as water shoes? Absolutely.
Is there anything more precious than watching your child learn how to make friends?
We finally made it to Hopdoddy with Luke’s friend Ruairidh and the burgers were as good as people said they would be. These two, however, found the buns to be the only part worth eating. Which adds up to approximately $14 spent on hamburger rolls.
Then we hit the dance floor at Guerros with Luke’s friend William. This photo was taken after an epic dance floor wipe out. Unlikely to be the last for either of these goofballs (especially if the one on the right takes after his daddy).
We went to the library and ended up outside picking flowers in the field. Nature > books for this guy. 
See that smile? That’s because he had just woken up from a THREE HOUR NAP! You’d look like that, too, with a little beauty rest. 
Drinking red wine while sewing a white fabric… life is no fun without taking risks, right? Also, how about those nicely labeled scissors. Mike thinks they are pretty obnoxious. All you sewing buddies know it’s serious business, however.