7 small things on a wednesday

it’s thursday… I blame an important screening of Lemonade last night (it gets better with each viewing) for the tardy nature of this post. But in the Queen’s words: I ain’t sorry.

One of my favorite things about this house is the enormous (by NYC standards) bathroom. It does not, however, have a bathtub… but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a bubble bath in a $5.00 tupperware bin and feel like a boss.
“I make-a-pancakes.”
Terrible photo quality but I love it so much anyway. Here, Luke demonstrates the endless demands of life as a multi-tasking parent. By the way, the baby he is holding is named “Baby Mama” and the baby on the floor is named “Baby Daddy.”
A fresh box of sidewalk chalk in all the colors.
There was a weird moment last night when I was waiting for water to boil and Luke was reading books to himself and Digby was sleeping… so I arranged the herbs like so. Obviously.
Our local fabric store is going out of business. This was a very, very tricky test of my ability to exercise self control. It went okay. 
It’s been so, so rainy here! But we had a moment of sunshine this week and we celebrated by sporting our new shades.