7 small things on a wednesday

It’s sunny even when it’s raining here, apparently. 
Sweet boys in a field of Blue Bonnets. 
Can we please talk about how roasting a chicken is the grossest task of all household tasks? But then you end of up with at least 4, sometimes 5 (if you make soup) good meals, each meal costing under $5.00…and you forgive it for being such a ghastly kitchen production. Anyway, thank you to anyone who has ever cooked me a chicken before. Your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. 
I want to live in this time where Luke refuses to remove his helmet for ever and ever and ever. Helmets to infinity and beyond, we say. Also, how is that G train these days? Slow and steady as ever? Miss you, little G. 
If you don’t see this and have an emotional reaction, you don’t have a soul. J.E.L.L.O. Brings up all the memories, doesn’t it? For me it’s: my Grandma Gaby’s impeccably organized fridge, my mom’s care after some childhood illness, and giving birth to Luke. And Bill Cosby. Mike had a stomach bug and requested Jello. But he has only had the smallest serving and now I am alone in the house with Jello and therefore will be on a sugar high for the remainder of the day.
Last night after Luke’s bath he lay down on the bath mat and said “Night night. Blanket?”  And then later when I put him to bed he said, “Night night, Sweetie.” And then I cried. 
This was right before we said goodbye for 30 minutes because Luke just couldn’t get over how awesome it was to yell: “BYE! BYE Uncle John, BYE Ina (Alina), BYE!!!” and neither could we… Which is how we have now coined the ‘Berkowitz Goodbye’ as the counter to the ‘Irish Exit.’