7 small things on a wednesday

4 of my college pals came for a visit. It was the greatest weekend ever with so much laughter, good food and a teensy bit of dancing. Thank you to Nicole for being the best, most tolerant designated driver. We owe you. 
Thank you Liana for bringing me two bags of this very important New York City staple. 


Apparently we all really like these S’well water bottles. They really are amazing (and cute)!
If this dog dressed as a cowboy didn’t win the South Congress Pet Parade I don’t want to hear about it. I can’t even imagine the sorcery that went in to getting him to perch atop that rocking horse. 
There is almost nothing better than a friend cooking for you in your own home. Thank you. 
Traffic isn’t so bad when you’re basically on one long wildflower tour. 
An appealing option. 

And a bonus:

This guy on the left here wins lots of points for spending his weekend exclusively with Luke so that I could hang with my pals. His birthday is on Friday. Make sure you tell him that you love him/ prank him (he’s an April Fool!).