7 small things on a wednesday

but it’s friday- oops… but also, yay!

Phoebe came to visit and Luke learned how to blow out candles. Two very, very good things. 
We visited Hamilton Pool and it was all pretty magical, including the ferns growing up the cavern walls. 
The waterfall we were far too cold to experience in the flesh, but was a real treat for the eyes. 
We thought the river was even more beautiful than the pool. 
Don’t you agree that there is likely a little woodland fairy meandering these woods?
Commuting home from the pool in the coziest of ways. 
It rained all week long. Specifically, there were moments I thought the bungalow was going to wash down the hill. It didn’t- and we loved the change in weather and clothing options. 

And a bonus:

Luke picked out this fish umbrella at the Children’s Museum this morning. He’ll grow into it someday.