It’s March!

Bluebonnets popped up in our front yard this weekend

I’m off schedule here but you can’t get mad at me because A) I had the world’s worst stomach bug and B) It’s my birthday!

And! It’s March! March can be a tricky month in the good ol’ Northeast because you feel like you are deserving of spring weather and it can be oh so elusive. But March is the best, I will tell you, because it’s Pisces season and I share this birth month with so many of my favorite people including my bestie, Phoebe, my oldest brother, Ben, my mother in law, Janet, my friend Katie’s husband, Kris, my sweet friend Laura Jo (not a Pisces but we will forgive her this) and let’s not forget Canada’s classiest musician: Justin Bieber!

Here in Austin it is apparently summer with temperatures in the 80s and so many flowers in bloom.  I’m spending the day frolicking in the sun with my mom and Luke and being thankful for 31 spins around it!

I bought myself herbs and a tomato plant for my birthday
Two of my birthday presents: 1) Mike bought me this best-ever hat from our friend’s amazing website: – how many guys can pick out a hat for their wife and nail it? and 2) Luke wore his baseball hat (boola boola) for the entire morning- as opposed to immediately flicking it off his head and exposing his blonde scalp to the Texas sun. Thank you, sweet boys.
A fancy birthday lunch date with my mom and Luke under an enormous tree and a perfect seat on the speaker- because sometimes you need to feel those good vibrations.

Here’s to a sweet March, and to all my beloveds who were born this month!