7 small things on a wednesday

I successfully transferred this guy from car to crib. Major parenting milestone reached. 
On a whim I decided we should make cookies last week. When we had exactly the right amount of flour for the recipe, I knew it was fate. Then I realized we were out of two other key ingredients and I schlepped us to the store- which was a different sort of fateful experience altogether (one I might avoid in the future). 
Making cookies with a toddler is really hard for many reasons, number one being you have to sneak behind their back to eat the raw cookie dough. Number 2-100 being every reason you’ve already thought of and why you will never try this with a toddler yourself. 
Doesn’t he look so beautiful through the mimosa flight filter (coming soon to Instagram, I’m sure)?
Did you know you can survive entirely on berries?– Luke
When did our puppy get a grey beard? They grow up so fast. 


It is so very green here right now.