7 small things on a Wednesday

Sage and basil grown in our friends’ garden (such a great gift!), my dad’s Penzeys spices… tastes like home.


We took our first toddler yoga class last week. Practice is key.


Let’s see how long the game of ‘take clothes out of the dryer’ lasts.


Polenta is so fun. I made my friend Sylvia’s kale and tomatoes over polenta recipe this week.
Nap time reading of late. This book was my dad’s and it was given to him by his friend Bruce. I know this because I found a sweet birthday card tucked into the book. You can practically hear the author’s New England accent through the page and it even includes a paragraph about some of my relatives.
We bought this chair for $15 at our local used furniture store.
We take a walk through this park almost daily. This picture may explain any delay I’m having in finding my next job.