7 small things on a wednesday

A few things you should know. I have always found Wednesdays to be quite challenging (original, right?). Throughout my life they have always been a day where I over-schedule myself. I’m so good at preserving Mondays and even Tuesdays but by Wednesday I’ve said yes to way too many things and we’ve eaten our way through all of the groceries in the house (What age does one have to be to buy the appropriate amount of groceries for the week? I look forward to acquiring this wisdom).

Another thing: I love the number 7 (I know, I know, so does everyone else since, oh, Biblical times.) But 7 and I have had a nice run together all the way up through Luke’s birthday (7/14/14). And it was also a special number to my dad as it played a central role in his repertoire of nonsense because whenever you asked him a question he didn’t know the answer to he would answer “7.” 7 was always the answer. 7 is the answer. So, I present: 7 small things on a wednesday, to break up our weeks and give us all a little reason to procrastinate going to the grocery store one more bloody time this week.

Luke seeking out a very specific shade of “pupple.”
Fermob patio furniture in 5 colors (floor model bought on sale, duh). 
photo (9).JPG
If you pour red wine into an enormous glass it looks like you are only having a small tasting. Best paired with Making a Murderer and a french bulldog arm rest. 
photo (8).JPG
Espresso beans as candy. Bought in bulk on my first shopping trip to Central Market- so you can stay up way too late watching Making a murderer, obviously. 
photo (7).JPG
This is minutes from our house, free, and heated by a natural spring. (Has my sales pitch worked, New Yorkers?)
I don’t know if it’s Luke’s look of satisfaction after finishing off a breakfast taco and sweet potato empanada or the creepy 80s horror movie playing in Spanish in the background that I like more about this photo. 

And finally, I leave you with Luke’s sweet voice and his favorite new word. It’s amazing!